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Pinot Grigio

“An Italian wine journey simply wouldn’t be complete without world-favourite Pinot Grigio, and Cavazza captures the style with wonderful expressiveness.”


Wine Information

About the wine

The grapes are farmed sustainably to encourage environmental harmony and are then carefully crushed and fermented at low temperatures. This locks in the natural flavours and acidity that are vital for the optimum expressiveness of classic Pinot Grigio.


About the producer

Cavazza is family-run and headed by winemaker Giancarlo Cavazza. It was founded in 1928 by Giancarlo’s great-grandparents, Augusta and Giovanni and today, they use innovative vineyard techniques to maintain their sustainability certification.


About the region

Delle Venezie is Pinot Grigio’s heartland – at the foot of the Alps, it’s relatively cool yet protected from harsh weather. This fortuitous combination creates a long growing season that allows the Pinot Grigio grapes to reach full aromatic ripeness.